April 17, 2017 - EPCOT Center with Kirk Damato

This week we're broadening our HORIZONS with a nearly two hour conversation with Kirk Damato (Buzzfeed, @Kirksays) about EPCOT Center. We discuss the best way to get drunk in World Showcase, the rides we miss most, and a bunch of other nerd shit about the nerd shit park. Also, revel in the fun story of how Beth and Brandon's engagement was nearly ruined by 90s pop star Tiffany (You may remember her from the mall).

April 10, 2017 - MST3k with Lisa Easley

In the not too distant future, this podcast A.D., Lisa Easley joins us for a Big McLargehuge discussion of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (aka MST3k [aka that weird puppet show my Mom doesn't understand]). We debate whether or not the host segments are worth watching*, how this show has affected our approaches to comedy, and throw around tons and tons and tons of references that Beth doesn't get!

*They are**

**Except maybe not as much on the Sci-Fi episodes***

***Despite those being generally tighter episodes the show struggling with the slight serialization****

****brainguy rulz ok

April 3, 2017 - Tardigrades with Kelsey Goldberg

This episode is ostensibly about Tardigrades, but it goes delightfully off the rails very quickly and we do not apologize at all. Kelsey Goldberg (@KelseyFGold, member of the Straitjacket Society and co-owner of AK47 Presents) joins us to talk about these weird li'l dudes that can apparently live forever, as well as her new robot dinosaur(!). Plus: Kelsey and Beth make Brandon have a nervous breakdown LIVE ON AIR!

March 27, 2017 - 90s X-Men with Brett White

This week the uncannily astonishing and all-new X-fella Brett White (@BrettWhite, writer for CBR, fashion icon) joins us to talk about 90s-era X-Men comics. I'm not gonna lie, I know there were a TON of X-Manses but I had no idea there were THAT many X-Mans, and that so many of them enjoyed licking things off of people's faces. The 90s were weird, you guys, but they were especially wet and wild in the X-world! We also talk a ton of smack about Rob Liefeld, which isn't surprising if you've ever met Beth.

March 20, 2017 - Brave Combo with Andrew Hackard

A-hoy, mateys! This week we're off on a special NAUTICAL ADVENTURE* on the 2017 JoCo Cruise! Andrew Hackard of Steve Jackson Games (@redpenofdoom) joins us to talk about his deep, deep love of Texas polka wizards Brave Combo, and Brandon keeps doing a Bob Dylan impression that is amusing to nobody but himself.

We apologize for any sonic wackiness with this week's recording, our mic stands and pop-filters got seized by customs** so we had to make due with a minimal set-up, along with other noise from the ship's Cocaine Foyer***!

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*Where Beth breaks her phone and Brandon gets anxious when he's in the sun for more than like 20 minutes and that's being fuuuuucking generous

**Left at home because they're heavy af and poppa's got a bad back

***Pron: Foy-yay

March 13, 2017 - Bunheads with Yehudi Mercado

When there's somethin' strange

In your neighborhood



This week, Yehudi Mercado (creator of Hero Hotel and collector of pizza related hats) joins us to talk about Amy Sherman-Palladino's one and done follow-up to Gilmore Girls, Bunheads! Plus, we, and by we I mean Brandon, has a LOT to say about Pat McCrory. None of it is positive.

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March 6, 2017 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer with Diana De Luna

Werewolf howl!
Ominous bells!
Guitar screeeeeeech!

These sounds in this incredibly specific order can only mean one thing........it means world renowned hilarious person Diana De Luna is here to talk about her problematic fave, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Gonna admit this one gets a little chaotic, but it's only because we're all SO. INTO. BUFFY. that we have like a million things to say. Except for Beth. She only likes Angel. Like a jerk would do. In time I shall be able to forgive her.

This week is also the 20th anniversary of Buffy's premiere on The Warner Brothers Television Broadcasting Network! Excellent timing, right? Totally did it on purposes. Totez purpz.

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February 27, 2017 - 50 Shades of Grey with Dan Gvozden

Muffins n mash! It's our first full length episode! Joining us for this inaugural aural voyage* is Dan Gvozden (@supspidertalk), host of Superior Spider Talk (which is available wherever podcasts are sold), to talk about his problematic fave, 50 Shades of Grey (The movie). Apparently Fiddy Shayshays is a metatextual commentary on the nature of the female gaze in movies, which is not what I expected for a Mom Porn movie, but what do I know? This one's a keeper, fellas!

*It's like a ship of content sailing into your ears! Delicately, and with a tender touch, yet forceful like a sea-mule.