March 20, 2017 - Ep. 4 – Brave Combo with Andrew Hackard

A-hoy, mateys! This week we're off on a special NAUTICAL ADVENTURE* on the 2017 JoCo Cruise! Andrew Hackard of Steve Jackson Games (@redpenofdoom) joins us to talk about his deep, deep love of Texas polka wizards Brave Combo, and Brandon keeps doing a Bob Dylan impression that is amusing to nobody but himself.

We apologize for any sonic wackiness with this week's recording, our mic stands and pop-filters got seized by customs** so we had to make due with a minimal set-up, along with other noise from the ship's Cocaine Foyer***!

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*Where Beth breaks her phone and Brandon gets anxious when he's in the sun for more than like 20 minutes and that's being fuuuuucking generous

**Left at home because they're heavy af and poppa's got a bad back

***Pron: Foy-yay

04 BraveCombo.jpg