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What’s that thing you’re obsessed with? That thing you inject into every conversation, whether it’s relevant or not? That thing you can’t wait to talk about? We gave it a home on I Think You’d Be Into It, “The Podcast About Your Problematic Faves.”

I Think You’d Be Into It started as one husband’s devotion to the band Phish and one wife’s devotion to never having to hear about Phish ever again. But what it’s become is a fan-positive, anti-gatekeeping celebration of all the things that get us excited, from politics to pop culture, baking to biology, sports to serial killers, and more.

Each week, co-hosts Brandon Beck and Beth Scorzato (the aforementioned husband and wife) invite a guest on to the show and let them run wild. They get to spread their love and enthusiasm for that thing they’re most passionate about to a new audience…and maybe give their exhausted friends and family a break in the process.

I Think You’d Be Into It believes that sharing something you love is one of the best kinds of human connection. Every week we give our guests a way to connect with our listeners and maybe get them “into” something new while celebrating the enthusiast in all of us.

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Website: awesometechindustries.com/intoitpod

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Schedule: I Think You’d Be Into It updates on Mondays on a semi-regular schedule.

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Cast and Crew

Brandon Beck


Brandon is a screenwriter, director, sketch comedy performer, and audio producer. On I Think You’d Be Into It, he brings his own brand of comedy and curiosity to every subject. He has written for multiple webseries and independent pilots, and he has worked as a producer for Everything’s Coming Up Podcast, which has since moved to the Maximum Fun network.

Learn more about Brandon at:

Beth Scorzato


Beth is a stage manager working in the theatre. With her background as a professional journalist, she brings interviewing expertise to I Think You’d Be Into It, but she isn’t afraid of getting in on the humor (as long as she gets to make fun of Brandon). She also works with creatives as a freelance graphic designer and book editor after a decade-long career in the comic book publishing industry.

Learn more about Beth at:


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